Danielle Storey BG

Danielle Storey is a professional speaker in business/marketing, sales/customer service and employee engagement. She is an experienced and skilled mentor as well as being a specialist in exhibiting and sponsorship management.

She is also the co-owner of an award-winning international multi-million dollar family-run business, The Cartridge Family.

A talented communicator, with proven management experience in the private business sector, she has a humorous and heart-warming personal story on which to base her ‘Million Dollar Relationships’ addresses. These sought-after strategies deliver easy-to-implement ideas which deliver genuine results. They form the basis of systems which create ‘Customer Delight’ – service with a “little bit extra”.

Danielle believes that a great part of her own customer service wisdom stems from being mum to four adult and young adult children and wife to their wonderful dad. She refers to her family as her internal customers and knows that striving to be a better person has helped to build better relationships all round.