The Selfish Servant_3D cover

The Selfish Servant is a book for business owners and leaders who want to serve to delight their customers and build successful businesses without burning out or bailing due to a lack of balance. It is filled with ideas for simple systems and practiced wisdom that creates businesses and relationships that make everyone feel like a million dollars.

There is a delicate balance between looking after the interests of businesses and pleasing customers.
Businesses that don’t get the balance right risk losing resources and profit and risk loss.

Most companies offer basic Customer Service. That is, they offer the basics of doing and supplying what is promised and paying some attention. Some even present good Customer Service, displaying politeness and extra attention to engage their customers. Very few offer that little bit more which truly delights their customers.

Great leaders build flexible and easy to run Customer Delight systems that front line teams want to follow to delight customers, who in turn want to engage and reward by paying their bill, become raving fans and return again time after time. Great leaders also understand the development of great internal and customer relationships start within themselves and finding clarity and balance in their own lives.

The Selfish Servant is packed with steps, processes and systems that leaders can take to find the ever moving balance of staff Delight, Customer Delight and Self Delight.

Filled with practical examples you can tailor, the Selfish Servant will show you how to:

  • Design processes that grow delighted customers and build happy teams
  • Create simple systems to foster sustainable growth
  • Create loyal customers who rave about your service and keep coming back
  • Understand and harness the nature and power of balance and physical energy
  • Use change tools that create business and personal growth

You will also discover the secret of that elusive work/life balance.

If you are a leader or business owner who wants to understand how to successfully balance serving your business, your team and your customers then this is the book for you.

It is also includes the engaging business and personal development story of Danielle Storey, successful family business owner, professional speaker and mentor and many opportunities for leaders for self-reflection and planning to create further success.

It is a must read for every leader who interacts with clients and customers, engages with staff and harbours a desire to build better business relationships.

As a premium brand dealing within the retail environment Danielle has helped us identify areas within our business that we can use to establish and maintain longstanding relationships with our customers, something that offers them a personal touch as well as aiding customer loyalty and delight to a new level. Danielle’s enthusiasm and passion are real and show in everything that she does. To hear her speak to a group is an experience in itself, our team immensely enjoyed her presentation and her core beliefs on customer delight are something that we now strive for everyday within our business. Sharon Hamilton – Fella Hamilton

Danielle has given me some great tools to help me with my business – tools that will long outlive our session. — Milena, The Nursery Bird
Embracing the systems Danielle has taught me has totally changed the way I run my business and my life… — Naomi, Lift Magazine
Danielle offers easy to implement, take-home strategies to help make a difference to business. — Jenny, Jena Dyco